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What do pilots do BEFORE the flight?!


What do pilots do BEFORE the flight?!

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What kind of pre-flight preparations do pilots have to do before they go flying?
Who does what and how do they determine how much fuel that they need to uplift into the aircraft?
This and many more things will be covered in this video. You will get to follow me and my collegue Luca when we go through the Weather, NOTAM’s, Flightplans and much more. Make sure you watch the whole video to the end, you might have to do this yourselves some day!
Please feel free to ask questions about this episode in the comments of the video and get the Mentour Aviation app in order to discuss directly with me or other pilots and aviation enthusiasts.
You can also buy instructional videos in the applications about various topics like “Engine failure”, “TCAS maneuvres”, “Cat 3 approaches” and also a complete “Setup of a Boeing 737-800” from Dark and cold to ready for taxi.

To download the “Mentour Aviation” app, click the links below!



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