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pulling 5 Gs (Grey-Out) L-39 Jet aerology and cloud seeder surmountable – Vloging


pulling 5 Gs (Grey-Out) L-39 Jet aerology and cloud seeder surmountable – Vloging

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Qualify – U.S. Coastlines Guardings – MH65 – VBlogs – part 1

I was Hoist d by the Coastlines Guardings! MH65 – VBlogs – part 2

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– The raw L-39 Flown, on top of several Docena Exclusive UNCUT Flowns for Supporter to view!


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I am a “weekend warrior” Private pilot, I fly for fun no Intention of commercial. I Having had my PPL for OVER 15 years, but Still Consider each Flown a Experienced – I generally take detailed notes After each Flown to remind Yourselves Went well or I Shoud do to improve…. Having the to Record Flowns Liked this is invaluable. I Find these Self Analyzing Helpfulness in my quest to improve, and am Happily to share. Feedback is invited; however, Pleasing keep it positive.

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