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Following Seas Trailer Coming Soon


Following Seas Trailer Coming Soon

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A sailing family makes 20 ocean voyages over two decades, sometimes following the path of Captain Cook, but more frequently following nothing but their own hearts and the siren call of adventure.

Following Seas is coming soon to Video on Demand Platforms.

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Matriarch Nancy Griffith tells the story of three extraordinary, and often dangerous, circumnavigations completed while contending with the “ordinary” challenges of family life. When their beloved 52-foot-boat Awahnee is wrecked near an atoll island in the Pacific, they salvage the rigging in order to build a new boat and begin the adventure again. They are as adept at shooting film with a Bolex as they are at navigating by sextant and chronometer, and the result is a vivid firsthand account of life on the open seas, replete with their incredible footage. When Griffith says, “All I wanted to do was go sailing,” she neither underplays the peril to which she subjected herself and her family, nor overplays her steadfast, lifelong dedication to following her own heartfelt desire.

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