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Do airline pilots have PARACHUTES?!


Do airline pilots have PARACHUTES?!

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In this, slightly more light-hearted, video I will be talking about pilots and parachutes.
Is there ever a risk that the pilots might abandon their aircraft and leave their passengers to their destiny? When are pilots wearing parachutes and why?

Stay tuned for some tastes of my upcoming instructional videos. I am hard at work on planning some awesome, high quality instructional videos from the cockpit but I will need your help in determining what to focus on.
Please send me your wishes as comments on todays video. The most voted exercises is what we will focus on.
Do you want to see: ILS approaches, Dual engine failures, hydraulic failures, different approaches, crosswind landing and takeoff techniques?
Everything is possible so please tell me what you would like to see!

To download my Mentour Aviation app, click the links below!



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