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Can a pilot be Obese/ADHD/Diabetic/Colorblind/….?


Can a pilot be Obese/ADHD/Diabetic/Colorblind/….?

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In this episode I will be asking 10 of YOUR most common medical questions about becoming a pilot. (time codes below)

Can you become a pilot if you are obese? To Thin? Have heart problems or psychiatric issues?
Stay tuned throughout this episode guys! You will be surprised by some of the answers.
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Questions with time codes:

1: Can you wear glasses and be a pilot? 1:25
2: Can you do laser eye surgery? 2:50
3: Can you be colourblind? 5:15
4: Can you have heart problems? 6:40
5: Can you be Diabetic? 8:55
6: Can you be obese? 11:35
7: Can you be to thin? 13:45
8: How tall/short can you be? 14:05
9: Can you have a bad back? 16:20
10: Can you have ADHD, psychiatric probs. 17:35

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