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BOEING 787 vs. AIRBUS 350


BOEING 787 vs. AIRBUS 350

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Which of these planes do you like more? Write it in the comments. In addition to that please tell me which planes I should compare next. You decide !!

Last time I tried to compare the Boeing 787 and the Airbus 350 by uploading two seperated videos but this didn` t work out. Now I returned the old style and I compare the modern jetliners in a direct comparison.

The Boeing 787 had its first flight in 2009 and the first 787 was delivered to All Nippon Airways in 2011. Until now (2017) 600 Boeing 787` s have been delivered and the main operators are All Nippon, JAL, United and Qatar Airways. If you are interested in buying a 787 you have to pay 260 Million.

The Airbus 350 had its first flight in 2013 and the first A350 was delivered to Qatar Airways in 2015. Until today 107 A350 have been delivered and if you wanne acquire an A350 you have to pay 311 mio. Dollar. Main operators of the Airbus 350 are Finnair, Qatar, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines.

Don` t forget to vote for your favorite plane by writing “A350” or “B787” in the comment section and I will count the votes next week.

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