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18 Back To School And Crafting Life Hacks


18 Back To School And Crafting Life Hacks

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18 Nail Hacks! Nail Art Hack Compilation:
Today we’ll show a new life hacks compilation. Hope you’ll like these practical hacks and you will use these ideas in your crafts.

Supplies and tools:
• Color paper
• Nail polish
• Acrylic paint
• Art brush
• Clothes pins
• Empty EOS lip balm container
• Handmade supplies
• Hot glue gun
• Binder clip
• Pencil
• Washi tape
• Scissors
• Craft knife
• Cardboard boxes
• Ball of wool
• Funnel
• Bubble wrap
• Sponge
• Match boxes
• Self-adhesive velvet paper
• Little bottles / vials
• Empty drug bottle
• Empty glue containers
• Empty lipstick container
• Keychain supplies
• Glue stick
• Separated pens
• Wax crayons
• Matches, candle
• Phone case
• Eye stickers
• Spray paint
• Empty play-doh cup with a lid
• Modeling knife
• Paper clip
• Sharpener

Happy Alley by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ()

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