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10 Weirdest Reasons Teenagers Got Suspended From School


10 Weirdest Reasons Teenagers Got Suspended From School

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Thanks to social media and news outlets, we are more aware of the bizarre world around us. We even get to see the crazy lives of modern teenagers. From buying a chicken nugget to texting in class, these are ten weirdest reasons teens got suspended from school.

A Tennessee teen was extra hungry at school one day. To remedy his hunger, he grabbed an extra chicken nugget from his school’s cafeteria. When a worker noticed the teen’s extra food, he was charged more, and gladly coughed up the cash. So, imagine his surprise when he ended his meal with a suspension from the school’s principal.

School dress codes are in place for a reason, but that doesn’t mean we have to always agree with them. When a high school honor student wore a shirt that her principal didn’t like, she was suspended and even unable to walk in her high school graduation. When you see the shirt, you can decide for yourself if it was worthy of such harsh punishment.

Texting in school isn’t usually allowed, but that doesn’t keep teens from doing it. One teens text landed her in handcuffs and suspended from school. All this because she panicked during a school lockdown, and texted her father. He then shared the lockdown on Facebook, causing panic in the rest of the community.

Check out the video to see these stories and even more, like Saggy Pants, Throwing A Carrot, and Bringing a Clock to school. While you are there, don’t forget to subscribe to “TheTalko” on YouTube!

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