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10 Weird Products Women ACTUALLY Spend Their Money On


10 Weird Products Women ACTUALLY Spend Their Money On

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10 Biggest trends in the beauty and fashion community.

The beauty and style industries are constantly coming out with new products that quickly fly off the shelves. While some of these products are sold for obvious reasons, others can leave people who arent in the loop a little confused. From a towel that helps with tata sweat to a beauty blender that looks like a fingerprint, these are 10 weird products women actually spend their money on.

If you have ever tried to get ready for a date and had sweat dripping from your chest to your belly, then you already know that tata sweat is a real thing. It’s uncomfortable, and worst of all, it can soak through your clothing. One woman found a solution to this little problem, and you’re going to have to watch the video to see what it is.

The makeup industry is always trying to reinvent classics like mascara, highlighter, and beauty blenders. One company to make the list because of their bizarre product is Avon, and when you see their Mega Effects mascara, you’ll know what.

One of the strangest products of all has to be Smashbox’s fingerprint beauty blender. We all know the world went crazy over the silicone beauty blender, but sadly it didn’t do what it was made to do which is actually blend makeup. So how does Smashbox’s blender hold up? Watch the video to find out!

To see more, check out the video where we also discuss other strange products like magnetic eyelashes, coil hair removers, beauty dust, and more! Be sure to leave a comment to tell us what you think!

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